Impact of your giving

Impact of your giving

Impact of your giving

What impact would you like your gift to have?
Endowed Funds

Endowed funds, or endowments, are donated funds which are invested to provide a permanent stream of annual income toward an intended purpose. Endowments at the School of Physical Sciences signify a perpetual commitment to academic and research excellence.

Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs attract and retain premier scholars and researchers by offering funding that can augment salary, flexible sources of research spending, and graduate student funding.

Endowed Student Support

Endowed scholarships and fellowships enable us to attract the best and brightest students. Scholarships and Fellowships are flexible in their intended purpose. They can be used to offer educational pathways to need-based students and also serve to attract top tier graduate students that may have competing acceptance offers from other universities.

Endowed Research Funds/Centers

Endowments for research or research centers offer faculty an opportunity to take their research to new levels. As federal funding sources are never guaranteed and are ever-competitive, permanent funding in growing research areas allow faculty to elevate scientific discovery to new levels of excellence without the constraints of limited funding streams.

Endowed Public Outreach/Events

The School of Physical Sciences has a robust offering of public community events and outreach programs. They are all currently supported directly by the school and as such, there is no guarantee that they will continue. Permanent endowed funding will ensure that public offerings continue to not only exist, but also expand. Outreach programs toward K-12 and underserved student populations can exist and grow through permanent funding streams.

Current-use Funds

Current use funding is meant for immediate use toward a current need or project. The funds listed below offer ways in which you can immediately support any initiative.

Dean's Excellence Fund

An unrestricted or flexible fund for use by the Dean for the School’s highest and immediate priorities.


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General Department Support

Unrestricted funding to be used at the discretion of the Department Chair for departmental priorities.


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Department of Chemistry General Fund

Department of Earth System Science General Fund

Department of Mathematics General Fund

Department of Physics & Astronomy General Fund

Faculty Innovation Funding

Unrestricted funding toward faculty research. This funding can be directed toward specific faculty members or departments. Innovation funding can help offset conventional funding obstacles to ensure research continuity.


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