Alumni Hall of Fame

The UCI Physical Sciences Alumni Hall of Fame honors those who have made a significant impact in their profession, or in other ways have brought distinction to their alma mater. Every year, we seek nominations for exceptional alumni and then hold a special celebration for new and past Hall of Fame inductees.

The nomination process for the 2023 Alumni Hall of Fame will open soon!

Congratulations to our past UCI Physical Sciences Alumni Hal of Fame Inductees:

2022 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Jason Low, '01 Ph.D. Chemistry
Carrie Masiello, '99 Ph.D. Earth System Science
Wen Masters, '89 Ph.D. Math
Michael Fero, '88 Ph.D. Physics

2021 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Marie Christ, '94 Ph.D. Chemistry
David Valentine, '00 Ph.D. Earth System Science
Nader Nassif, '02 B.S. Physics & Astronomy

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Jonathan Dorfan, ’76 Ph.D. Particle Physics
Steve K. Pollack, ’80 Ph.D. Chemistry
Maggie L. Walser, ’07 Ph.D. Chemistry with the Aerosol Photochemistry Group
Lihua Zhao, ‘06 Ph.D. Organic Chemistry & Materials Science

2018 Hall of Fame Inductees:
Michl Binderbauer, ´93 M.S., ´96 Ph.D. Physics
John Gerace, ´87, B.S. Chemistry & Biological Sciences
David MacMillan, ´96, Ph.D. Chemistry
Vincent Steckler, ´80, B.S. Information & Computer Science; B.S. Math