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Phase 3 Research Application

Phase 3 provides an opportunity for every scientist, graduate student, and research staff member, to return to the campus and resume their research activities.


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Confirmed Cases in Physical Sciences

Building Floor Confirmed Cases Date Reported
FRH 3 1 8-Sep
FRH Basement 2 3-Dec
NS1 3 1 6-Dec
Croul Hall N/A 1 7-Dec
FRH 3 1 14-Dec
NS1 4 1 24-Dec
  TOTAL 7  

The dashboard above represents the COVID-19 case counts of the School of Physical Sciences community members who work in our School buildings.

Date Updated:


Messages and Policies

A succinct summary of new COVID requirements for persons on the UCI Campus is the following:

Physical distancing

  • No physical distancing or barriers between workers are required, regardless of employees’ vaccination status, unless there is an outbreak (see below).
  • Unvaccinated employees eating or drinking indoors must be at least 6 feet apart from others.

Face coverings

  • Fully vaccinated employees may work indoors without face coverings, even if unvaccinated co-workers are present.
  • Unvaccinated employees must continue to wear masks indoors, unless alone in a room or a vehicle. Upon request, UCI will provide voluntary-use respirators to unvaccinated or vaccinated employees.
  • No face coverings are required for anyone outdoors, unless there is an outbreak of COVID-19 cases (see below).

Outbreaks and Quarantines

  • If an outbreak of three or more cases occurs in an exposed employee group, UCI must evaluate whether physical distancing or barriers are necessary to control transmission of the virus. If an outbreak of at least 20 cases happens, masks must be worn by all workers indoors and outdoors where 6-foot distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Fully vaccinated workers with no COVID-19 symptoms do not need to be tested or quarantined if they are exposed to the virus.

More information is available here:

Phase 4 Research:

  • Phase 4 Research commenced on Tuesday, June 22.   Phase 4 is the final phase in the reopening of the UCI research enterprise.  It provides an opportunity for every scientist, graduate student, and research staff member, to return to the campus and resume their research activities.  Guests and visitors are also accommodated.  More information is available here:


Remote Instruction Task Force
Mathieu Morlighem
Julie Ferguson


Philip Collins
Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Kimberly D. Edwards
Professor of Teaching and Vice Chair
Department of Chemistry

Amanda J. Holton
Associate Professor of Teaching
Department of Chemistry 

Zhiqin Lu
Professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Department of Mathematics

Stephen Mang
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Chemistry

Roberto Pelayo
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Mathematics

Laura Tucker
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Physics & Astronomy

David Van Vranken
Professor and Associate Dean
Department of Chemistry and School of Physical Sciences

Don Williams
Director of Student Affairs
UCI School of Physical Sciences 


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