Campus Climate

Our Commitment

We are committed to creating an environment where all members of our community have the equitable opportunity to achieve their goals and thrive. We welcome you to engage with some of the ongoing and new climate related initiatives and welcome your feedback as we work to create a supportive and welcoming environment for everyone.

Climate Council

Coming soon

Climate Survey

Institutional data and results from various evaluations conducted by OIE are available here.

Climate Feedback Form

As we work together to advance diversity, equity and inclusion efforts within SoPS and the greater UCI community, we would appreciate any ideas or feedback you would like to share.

Submit a Word of Thanks Form

Do you have a colleague, student, faculty member, friend or mentor in SoPS that you would like to thank for their commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at UCI? We would like to recognize them!

Advancing Inclusive Excellence Award

The AIE Award has been developed to offer modest financial support to SoPS students, staff, postdocs and faculty who plan to develop an activity, event or project that will support the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and initiatives across the UCI SoPS community.