Donor Recognition

We are deeply grateful to our friends, corporations, and alumni for supporting the UCI School of Physical Sciences. Your generosity makes it possible for our students, faculty, research, and programs to continue advancing humanity through a deeper understanding of the physical science that governs the world. With your continued support, we can ensure the school will meet every challenge, achieve our ambitious goals and maintain the distinction for which we are known. We are deeply thankful for your commitment to our school and these important endeavors.

All donors are recognized in the category of their cumulative giving level:

Chancellor Level $100,000+

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Allergan, Inc.
American Chemical Society
American Honda Foundation
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Assn of Univ for Research Astronomy
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Charities Aid Foundation of America
Carol Cicerone
Dell, Incorporated
Roy Eddleman
Edison International
John and Ruth Ann Evans
Barbara Finlayson-Pitts
Google, Inc.
Heising-Simons Foundation
Assad Kazeminy
Novartis Corporation
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Oracle Corporation
Orange County Glaucoma, Inc.
William and Janice Parker
William and Carelyn Reeburgh
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc.
Thomas and Marilyn Sutton
The Allergan Foundation
The Bander Trust
The Beall Family Foundation
The Boeing Company
The Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
The Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
The Crean Foundation
The Croul Family Foundation
The Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation
The Jenkins Family
The Samueli Foundation
The Simons Foundation
The Yodh Family Trust
Edward Thorp
Tres Cantos Open Lab Foundation
Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
David Van Vranken
Frederic and Julia Wan
Gregory and Kim Weiss
Marilyn Wolfsberg

Dean Level $50,000-$99,999

Art Bellettini
Valerie Cantwell
DTI Holdings, Inc.
Corwin and Nancy Evans
Philip and Sharon Gardner
Patricia and Kenneth Janda
Roger and Carol McWilliams
Harold and Cathy Moore
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Qualcomm Incorporated
Universities Research Assn., Inc.
W. M. Keck Observatory

Fellow Level $20,000-49,999

Liangjun Chen and Jianghong Zhao
Gleason Family Impact Foundation
Tadeusz Kleindienst and Lubomyra Sawczyn
National Science Teachers Association
Organic Reactions, Inc.
Joanne and Larry Overman
Yongmei Chen and Shui Yu
Ronald and Sharon Stern
Jack and Elizabeth Syage
The Rite Aid Foundation

Scholar Level $5,000-19,999

Alice Bean
Jennifer Bentson-Gebel
Rachel Martin and Carter Butts
Jodye Selco and Christopher Brazier
Lina Wong and Chunli Zhang
ConocoPhillips Company
Terry Fickies
Bruce and Suzanne Garrett
John and Evelyn Gerace
Sora Cho and Gyeong Hwang
William and Darleen Hemmerlin
Richard and Melissa Hill
Jennifer Albaneze-Walker and Matthew Walker
Mark and Lauren McMills
Patrick and Janet Moore
David Old
Donald Patterson
Dean Phillips
Michael and Charlotte Prather
Jonas and Viviane Schultz
Knut Solna
Scott Rychnovsky and Teresa LePage
The Crean Foundation
The Iacocca Family Foundation
Ultima Genomics, Inc.
Annette Luckow and William Liebel
Zilan Shen and Zhaoliang Zhu

Achiever Level $1,000 - 4,999

Teresa and Robert Albert
Elaine and Daniel Aldrich
Andrew Anker
Margaret Bentson and Anthony Fisher
Teresa and James Asbrock
Ann and Bryce Bardin
Cindy Williams and Barry Posen
Michl and Lien Binderbauer
Bright Funds Foundation
Patrick Brockett
James Bullock
Peggy and John Bunnell
Lyndon Calerdine
Curt and Marie Campbell
Stephen Canham
Sylvia and George Carson
Henry and Frances Chan
William and Mary Cheadle
Chun-Chao and Pei Chou
Alan Church
David and Leiko Dahlgren
Stephanie Dillon
George Do
Juanita Preciado-Hernandez and Domingo Hernandez
Gail Feuerstein
Nien-Hui Ge
Wendell and Patricia Hill
Forrest Hoffman
Kimberly and John Holman
David and Michelle Horowitz
Robert Hout
HS Partners Holdings
Randall Ige
James and Carol Jaber
Wendell Brase and Janet Mason
Johnson & Johnson Family of Co's
Geoffrey Kagel
Barbara and Kennebec Kious
KLA-T Foundation
Alejandro Komai
Julie Lee
Vanessa Lee
Claudia and John Leyerle
Song Li
Life Sciences Research Foundation
Russell and Janice Lipeles
Michael and Audrey Locke
Jonathan Lukoff
Jonelle Malloy
Marsh and McLennan Companies, Inc.
Matthew and Judith Marx
Joseph Raksis and Mary Budd
Goran and Susan Matijasevic
Steve and Barbara Morihiro
Manuel Nguyen
Gregg Oelker
Sandra and Russell Okinaka
Gregory Brand and Sharon Beckman
Alfred and Phyllis Sheue
Linda Simos
Craig and Carolyn Smith
Christine Stadelmann
William and Carol Summers
Michael Thacher

Liem To
Douglas Tobias
Harvey and Lisa Triebwasser
Winston Uchiyama
David and Robin Underwood
Ruiwei Wang
Stanley and Edda White
Steven andElizabeth White
Guifen Xu
Daxin Liu and Xuemei Zhang