Advancing Inclusive Excellence Award


The UCI School of Physical Sciences (SoPS) Advancing Inclusive Excellence Award was created with support from the Office of Access, Outreach and Inclusion and modeled after the Office of Inclusive Excellence’s Faculty Spirit Awards. The Advancing Inclusive Excellence Award has been developed to offer modest financial support to SoPS students, staff, postdocs and faculty who plan to develop an activity, event or project that will support the advancement of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts and initiatives across the UCI SoPS community. Awards will typically be granted up to $400.

Proposals should address one or more of the goals of the award, which also align with the Office of Inclusive Excellence Action Plan:

  • Ensuring that everyone, regardless of function, contributes to a thriving and healthy campus environment
  • Fostering opportunities for everyone to maximize their potential at UCI
  • By promoting health and welfare of the SoPS community


For funding consideration in the winter and spring 2022 pilot, please submit your proposal by Friday, January 28, 2022.

Types of Projects that Could be Funded

New projects, activities or events should have the potential to promote the importance of DEI within SoPS, contribute to a welcoming school climate and inspire meaningful action from others in the community. We are committed to supporting creative ideas that you have. Examples of projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Efforts for building community with SoPS (i.e. cultural celebrations)
  • Efforts for broadening participation in research or pursuit of graduate study

Award Criteria

Proposals will be considered based on the impact to the SoPS community, its connection to DEI, the feasibility of its completion during the current academic year and sustainability beyond the award period. In addition, it is strongly encouraged that the home department of the individual(s) submitting the proposal has committed to matching or co-funding a portion of the budget.

Awardees will be asked to submit a short report (max of 500 words) after the project is completed.

Application and Award Process

Please submit the application prior to the deadline. Please note that you will need to submit an itemized budget, projected timeline and letter of commitment (if your department will be matching or co-funding a portion of the project).

The application will need to be submitted by a SoPS student, staff, postdoc or faculty member. You’re welcome to submit an application as a ‘team’ if you will be collaborating with multiple groups, departments, organizations or committees, but you will need to have 1 main point of contact who submits the proposal on behalf of the group.

Please allow 1 month from the application deadline date for a response on your submission.

Proposal Form

To apply, please complete the application form which also includes submission of a document (max of 1,000 words) that addresses the below criteria and letter of commitment if your department will be co-funding or sponsoring a portion of your project (there will be a space to upload this document at the end of the application form):

  • Project Title
  • What are you proposing to do and how will you do it?
  • What are the projected outcomes of your project?
  • Project's Proposed Audience/Number of People Impacted
  • Project/Activity/Event Timeline (i.e. when will this be completed?)
  • How does the proposed project address one or more of the goals of the award?


If you have any questions about the Advancing Inclusive Excellence Award, please contact the Office of Access, Outreach and Inclusion at We look forward to receiving your proposal!