Virtual Talks

Jun 21, 2022
Solutions that Scale Seminar Series: Designing Catalysts and Chemical Processes for Global Sustainability A talk given by Thomas F. Jaramillo, Associate Professor, Department of…
Jun 10, 2022
As climate change advances, communities across the United States are adapting to the increased threat of wildfires. Such disasters are expected to become more frequent and severe. In this lecture, Dr…
May 2, 2022
In the recent months and weeks, we have witnessed unprecedented increases in the price of nickel, palladium, platinum, and other key materials that are needed and utilized in the production of…
May 2, 2022
In October 2021, a pipeline leaked about 25,000 gallons of oil into the ocean off the Orange County coast. The oil caked beaches and killed marine life, and almost as soon as it happened two UC…
Apr 27, 2022
KUCI's Keven Bossenmeyer interviews the Ph.D. students studying last October's OC oil spill.
Apr 20, 2022
UCI's Keven Bossenmeyer interviews UCI Department of Chemistry's Professor Vy Dong about her life and work.
Mar 22, 2022
Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) recently announced their proposal to develop the Angeles Link — an initiative that would develop the nation’s largest green hydrogen energy infrastructure system.…
Mar 11, 2022
Join Dean James Bullock and school leadership during this conversation about the latest initiatives around diversity, equity and inclusion that are taking place at the UCI School of Physical Sciences…
Feb 28, 2022
Undergraduate mathematics curricula must respond to a variety of student demographics, academic interests and workforce ambitions. In the UCI Department of Mathematics, this includes service…
Jan 19, 2022
The dean of UCI Physical Sciences, Professor James Bullock, takes a look back at what happened in 2021.
Nov 8, 2021
On November 4, 2021, Professor Jonathan Feng and Ph.D. student Savannah Shively talked about their research on the new FASER particle detector during this live stream from CERN.
Sep 29, 2021
In this panel discussion, three UCI Physical Sciences experts discuss how they are spearheading solutions to climate change challenges.