For Journalists

For Journalists

Natalia Komarova
Professor of Mathematics
Chancellor's Professor of Mathematics
Researches patterns in nature, from the way pandemics unfold to the way different languages use different words for colors. Evolution, she thinks, is the process pattern that unites such disparate things.
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Rachel Martin
Professor of Chemistry
Martin's lab is developing anti-viral treatments by tracking, among other things, genetic mutations in coronavirus.
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Albert Siryaporn
Associate Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Physics & Astronomy
(949) 444-2201
Siryaporn's developing a treatment for COVID-19 patients that uses "decoy" cells to lure virus particles away from a patient's actual cells.
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James N Smith
Professor of Chemistry
(949) 824-9518
Smith studies nano aerosols, and is leading the UCI Face Mask Project to determine what kinds of masks are best at deflecting virus particles.

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The Arctic’s greening, but it won’t save us

The Arctic is getting greener as the climate warms — but it’s not greening fast enough to absorb very much carbon dioxide, Boston University and UC Irvine scientists find.

Apr 29, 2021

Can something the size of a few washing machines find the biggest thing in the Universe?

UCI physicists have designed and built a new particle detector called FASER that could lift the veil on one of the Universe’s most enduring mysteries.

Dec 7, 2020

UCI scientists decrypt key HIV transmission pathways

Understanding how HIV propagates in the body could help with the development of new treatments for the disease it causes — AIDS.

Apr 8, 2021

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Nobel laureate David MacMillan, Ph.D. ’96, (right) visits UCI in May, enabling a reunion with his Ph.D. advisor Larry Overman, UCI Distinguished Professor emeritus, and Vy Dong, UCI professor of chemistry, who was advised by MacMillan at UC Berkeley and the California Institute of Technology.
Oct 6, 2022
NSF funding will support diversification, community engagement in Earth system science.
Oct 5, 2022
Innovation could lead to safer, longer-lasting power storage for electric vehicles and devices
Sep 21, 2022

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