CURRENT STUDENTS must meet the change of major criteria as outlined at (some double majors might require higher standards)
Once the criteria has been met, simply apply for a major change online through Student Access.

NEW FRESHMAN STUDENTS may request a major change through the Admissions office. The deadline is Wednesday, June 1st, at 9 a.m. Submit your request through your 'My AdmissionsApplication@UCI' account at, using the Message Center function. Your Admissions Counselor will notify you, if it is approved. Approval depends on whether you qualify for that new major and if the new major is accepting major changes. (Some majors in the Arts, Business, and Engineering do not accept major changes.)

If you miss the June 1st deadline, you may be able to change your major at SPOP. Be advised, if you change your major at SPOP, you must attend the academic advising session for the school of the major you are changing into.This means that your current school and the school you plan to change into must both be present at the program you attend (i.e. If you are a civil engineering major and want to switch to criminology, you will need to attend a program where both Engineering and Social Ecology are present.)

It is also possible to change after you've taken some classes at UCI. There are specific criteria governing this process which your Academic Counselor can explain to you when you attend summer orientation. Visit for more information.

NEW TRANSFER STUDENTS cannot usually change their major once they have been accepted. An Academic Counselor in the office you want to change to can evaluate your previous coursework to determine whether or not you qualify for the new major. If you do, then your major can be changed. Visit for Counseling office info.