The major in Mathematics prepares students to understand the fundamental mathematical tools that apply to the wide array of statistical, business, economic, financial, engineering, biological, physical and natural sciences. The undergraduate program covers the theories and applications of calculus, linear and abstract algebra, analysis and differential equations, numerical methods, probability and statistics, number theory and logic, and geometry and topology. This knowledge is paramount to the study of many disciplines, making the study of mathematics a truly interdisciplinary one. Students can then choose from many electives to concentrate or specialize in statistics, economics, applied and computational math, or education during their junior and senior years.  

(Mathematics degree requirements)


Typical program of study:
Year One - Calculus, General Chemistry or Physics, Writng and Gen Ed.
Year Two - Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Abstract Math, Programming, Gen Ed.
Year Three - Upper-division Algebra, Upper-division Analysis, Electives.
Year Four - Math Electives, Gen Ed., Upper-division writing, (Research).


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