Chemistry majors at UCI are trained to be quantitative and analytical, critical-thinkers and problem-solvers. Whether you plan on continuing your education after obtaining your Bachelor's Degree (such as pursuing a Master's, Doctorate, or applying to a professional school to study medicine, pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, nursing, or one of the other many enriching areas of study) or plan to join the workforce and pursue a successful career, the Chemistry degree can help you with that.

An optional Concentration in Biochemistry, or a Concentration in Chemical Education can help you focus your elective courses, especially in your last two years. The optional American Chemical Society certification is also a great way to make yourself more desirable post-graduation.

The department offers an Honors Program for qualified students. This program involves honors level research and a written thesis, and is usually completed during the final year of study.

Many students find that combining their degree with a minor is the way to go. Popular choices include a minor in Biological Sciences, Management, Educational Studies, Mathematics, or Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Many students choose to pursue a double major with chemistry and another one of the sciences.

While studying at UCI, research, student tutoring, Chem Club, outreach, etc., are some of the things that our chemistry majors do outside of the classroom.

Areas of study within chemistry include: Analytical, Atmospheric, Chemical Biology, Inorganic, Education, Organic, Materials and Nanochemistry, Physical, and Theory and Computation.

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A large number of UCIrvine's most popular Chemistry lecture courses can be viewed online, anytime, anywhere.

UCI is proud to share our OpenChemistry Lecture courses with everyone. Watch recordings of our outstanding faculty teaching courses on General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Physical Chemistry, Scientific Computing, Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Spectroscopy, and more!

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