Proposal Text and Resources

The Research Development Team will continue to update the text and links provided. Principle Investigators (PIs) should always consult the solicitation and agency guidelines to confirm the supplementary documents are in compliance. 


Data Management Plan Templates with Boilerplate Text:

Links to Useful Data Management Resources:

Mentoring Template with Boilerplate Text:

  • NSF Mentoring Plan (Effective Date of May 20, 2024, NSF requires a mentoring plan for postdoctoral researchers or graduate students supported on the project. This page limitation for the Mentoring Plan remains one page.)

Links to Useful UCI Mentoring Resources:

DEI Templates with Boilerplate Text:

Links to Useful UCI Facility Resources:

For more information about Outreach and DEI initiatives in the School of Physical Sciences, please contact Ash Hormaza, AOI Program Coordinator,

Campus Student Enrollment Data

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