Whether Earth-bound or star-bound, our Hispanic and Latinx scientists and staff make our School hum.
Wednesday, October 07, 2020
UCI Physical Sciences Communications

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, which means from now until October 15th, we’ll be shining lights on the Hispanic and Latinx members of the School of Physical Sciences community, who themselves cast new light onto the many-varied fields they study. They’re casting light on the Amazon rainforest, where they’re trying to characterize the different types of wildfire that spread through the rainforest, and where they’re trying to understand how, if enough trees die in the rainforest due to climate change-driven droughts, the rainforest’s ecosystems will collapse. And beyond this planet, they’re studying why some galaxies stop creating new stars, and they’re working to measure the distribution of metals in those galaxies. Whether Earth-bound or star-bound, or whether they work behind the scenes making sure the rest of the Physical Sciences community hears their stories, our Hispanic and Latinx scientists and staff make our School hum.  


Manny Reyes, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

PS: Tell us about yourself and your research.
MR: I’m a native Californian who’svery excited to be on the West Coast once again! My first true love in mathematics was linear algebra, both for its beauty and for its tendency to touch on many other subjects in science and mathematics. Over time, this has developed into my current research interest in noncommutative ring theory, as well as my tendency to search for connections between ring theory and related subjects in mathematics and physics.

PS: What advice do you have for Hispanic students who are considering a career in STEM?

MR: I had no idea what kind of adventure I would find when I set my intentions on a STEM career! If your background is anything like mine, you might experience different levels of culture shock and adjustment throughout your career. There will be many ups and downs along the way. You might find yourself visiting or living in places you would never have imagined. My advice through this all is to hold fast to your loved ones, your convictions, and your intellectual passions, even as these are all shaped over time by your journey.