News Briefs

Feb 29, 2024
The world likely notched its warmest February on record, as spring-like conditions caused flowers to bloom early from Japan to Mexico, left ski slopes bald of snow in Europe and pushed temperatures to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 C) in Texas.
Feb 28, 2024
The awards will support research into mathematical biology and mathematical objects called “L-functions.”
Feb 23, 2024
Funding supports research into advanced biological tissue imaging technologies.
Feb 20, 2024
A University of California, Irvine professor is being tasked to help design the most powerful laser in the world. Franklin Dollar, a professor of physics & astronomy at UCI, is part of the effort to build the laser called the EP-OPAL (Optical Parametric Amplifier Lines).
Feb 15, 2024
The fellowship will fund Campbell’s quantum materials research at UCI and at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Feb 14, 2024
Local middle school and high school students visited UCI to see physics in action.
Feb 9, 2024
Feng told the story of a life that’s taken him from the offices of Stephen Hawking to hunting for one of the most elusive things in the universe: dark matter.
Feb 5, 2024
A UC Irvine professor will help design the world’s most powerful laser.
Feb 5, 2024
The fellows are working in all corners of the UCI School of Physical Sciences on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.
Feb 1, 2024
Awardees will receive support to implement a range of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives at the UCI School of Physical Sciences.
Jan 31, 2024
The advance will allow researchers to transform everyday materials into conductors for use in quantum computers.
Jan 30, 2024
The fellowship will fund Wan’s research at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.