New Transfer Students

For new Fall 2024 students....

Welcome to UCI and the School of Physical Sciences! 

A hold will been placed on your Fall quarter enrollment. You will not be allowed to enroll in classes until you complete the Academic Course History Form AND Academic Advising. 



Go to and complete the online Academic Course History form that tells us about your academic course history and courses you’ve taken/completed/or plan to complete in Winter/Spring/Summer terms. It is recommended that you complete STEP 1 as soon as possible. It is VERY IMPORTANT this form is submitted accurately; what you submit will impact your ability to enroll correctly into Fall quarter courses. Your enrollment in courses could be delayed if you do not submit the form accurately.

In addition, before you complete this form, you must have electronic copies of ALL unofficial transcripts (from all colleges/universities that you’ve attended), ALL AP/IB/A-LEVEL exam scores, and your IGETC certificate or UC Reciprocity confirmation (if available) in electronic format. PDF format is required. You will be required to upload all documents as part of the Academic Course History form.

When you have all electronic documents ready, you can proceed to the online Academic Course History form here:

It is recommended that you submit the Academic Course History Form as early as possible.



On June 5th at 12:00pm (PDT), you will be emailed instructions on how to complete Academic Advising ONLY IF you've completed STEP 1 (submitted the Academic Course History form). You MUST complete STEP 1 first. There are two options to complete Academic Advising; you need to sign up for ONE of the options once you receive the email on June 5th (further information below on the benefits of both options).




Online Academic Advising is self-paced and can take around 2-3 days to complete. Once you have completed Online Academic Advising, the academic hold on your record will be removed and you will be eligible to enroll in fall quarter classes.

  • Students who choose this option could start enrollment into Fall quarter classes as early as June 10th.

***Students who sign up for Online Academic Advising will NOT be allowed to attend in-person Academic Advising. You will not meet directly with an Advisor, but will be given the opportunity to ask Advisors follow-up questions via Zoom in July/August, after you've already enrolled into Fall quarter courses.


In-person Academic Advising will take place on campus at UC Irvine. Each session will take around 2-3 hours to complete. Students will listen to a presentation, then you will be eligible to enroll into Fall quarter classes. Students will select ONE of these sessions below.

        Session 1: Tuesday, June 18th at 9am
        Session 2: Friday, June 21st at 1pm

***Students who sign up for an in-person Academic Advising will NOT be allowed to complete Online Academic Advising.

REMINDER: You need to sign up for ONE of the above options. You will receive information on how to sign up for Academic Advising via email on June 5th ONLY IF you completed the Academic Course History Form. You should sign up for one of the options right away to guarantee your reservation, and enrollment in classes. 


Benefits of Online Academic Advising

  • You can enroll into your Fall quarter classes as early as June 10th.
  • You do not have to travel to campus (and pay for parking); you can complete advising wherever is convenient for you.
  • You can complete advising at your own pace.


Benefits of In-Person Academic Advising

  • You can enroll into your Fall quarter classes at the advising session.
  • You may get to meet fellow classmates in the same or similar majors (pending attendance).
  • You can explore UCI campus before or after the advising session.

In addition, we recommend that you review the following websites for some great information:

• Transfer Student Center website (FAQs, tips, programs, etc.)

• Registrar (Calendar, deadlines, how to register, ZotBill, etc.)

• Physical Sciences (news, events, etc.)

• Physical Sciences Student Affairs (Counseling Office) (policies, academics, campus resources, etc.)