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"Nearly fifty years 'young,' our School of Physical Sciences continues to be on the forefront of research, excellence, and innovation. We are very proud that our graduate students have been awarded a record high of 13 National Science Foundation (NSF) Research Fellowships." Read more.
CaSTL on NSF Science Nation
UC Irvine Chemists Win 3 Top-Ranked Awards
Ara Apkarian, Filipp Furche and Douglas Tobias have won three of the four American Chemical Society 2014 Physical Chemistry Division Awards. The awards are granted annually to recognize the most outstanding scientific achievements of members of the society’s physical chemistry Division.
China Exports Pollution to U.S.
Chinese air pollution blowing across the Pacific Ocean is often caused by the manufacturing of goods for export to the U.S. and Europe, according to findings by ESS Professor Steve Davis and other researchers.

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Check out the School of Physical Sciences eNewsletter "Physical Matters."
UC Irvine researchers played a key part in findings released this week about the rate at which the universe expanded after the Big Bang and continues...

Loh Down on Science

Sandra Tsing Loh shares The Loh Down on Segue 2, the smallest galaxy ever found. The findings were reported by cosmologist James Bullock and postdoctoral scholar Evan Kirby from UCI. Check out the 90 second, witty, radio segment below! 

Itsy-Bitsy Galaxy

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Steve Davis
Solving Climate Change: The Need for Energy Innovation  Steve Davis UCI Department of Earth System Science May 6, 2014 Professor Davis has been at the forefront of climate change...