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Remote Instructional Resources

Course Tools

  • Sample language for course syllabus (addressing academic honesty, disrupted exams, outside class activities) - TBA
  • Canvas Templates for Math and Science Classes
    • Sharable Canvas Template for a Large Lecture Class (≥ 350 students; ≥5 discussion sections) - TBA
    • Sharable Canvas Template for a Smaller Class (<80 students; ≤2 discussion sections) - TBA
  • Links to Amazing Video Lectures of UCI Instructors - TBA

Department-Specific Guidance

Zoom Resources

Zoom allows you to meet with up to 300 people with video and voice and allows participants to share what they see on their computer with others.

Sign up for Zoom and click the Sign-in button and login with your UCINetID and password.

remote instruction task force

The School of Physical Sciences has assembled a task force of our most adept remote instructors to provide recommendations on best practices for effective remote teaching. Please check back here for recommendations and feel free to contact committee members if you have questions.

Mathieu Morlighem
Julie Ferguson


Philip Collins
Professor of Physics & Astronomy

Kimberly D. Edwards
Professor of Teaching and Vice Chair
Department of Chemistry

Amanda J. Holton
Associate Professor of Teaching
Department of Chemistry

Zhiqin Lu
Professor and Vice Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Department of Mathematics

Stephen Mang
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Chemistry

Roberto Pelayo
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Mathematics

Laura Tucker
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Department of Physics & Astronomy

David Van Vranken
Professor and Associate Dean
Department of Chemistry and School of Physical Sciences

Don Williams
Director of Student Affairs
UCI School of Physical Sciences