UCI Branding & Editorial Guidelines

Are you creating a flyer or video? A graphic for a social media post? Developing a website? Working on a story?

All school and department communication materials are to abide by UCI branding standards. Below you will find the official logos, colors, fonts, and editorial guidelines that must be adhered to. For full info, refer to the UCI Brand website.


  • The UCI primary color palette consists of two colors plus black and white and should be used on all design and marketing materials, both internally and externally. See color specs here.


  • Kievit Slab OT is the primary typeface for UCI’s communications. This font must be purchased. 
  • Helvetica, Arial, Cambria, Verdana and Times are fonts that may be used for any digital or print communications.
  • Arial font should always be used for digital and web applications, and is the default font used in all UCI web page templates.
  • For full info click here.

UCI brand guide

How to upkeep the UCI brand (see here). Useful when working with outside graphic designers.

Editoral style guide

UCI's Office of Strategic Communications & Public Affairs has compiled a style guide to help achieve a consistent image across the variety of written communication materials that represent UCI, including brochures, news releases, periodicals and websites. To view UCI's editorial guide, click here.

A few notes on the most frequently addressed style & editorial issues:

  • Use "UCI" in communications to familiar audiences. Use "University of California, Irvine" with unfamiliar audiences. (More here).
  • Double-check all faculty titles and student majors using www.directory.uci.edu.
  • Professor titles are capitalized when preceding their names (Assistant Professor of Mathematics Robert Pelayo, Professor of Mathematics Robert Pelayo) and are not capitalized when following their names (Robert Pelayo, assistant professor of mathematics). Exception – Chancellor’s designations, Chair designations, and Distinguished Professor designations are capitalized (Eric Saltzman, Distinguished Professor of Earth System Science; Eric Rignot, Chancellor’s Professor of Earth System Science, James Randerson, Ralph J. and Carol M. Cicerone Professor of Earth System Science).
  • Majors are not capitalized unless they have a proper noun (majored in chemistry; majors in Earth system science).
  • Degrees are abbreviated as follows (notice MBA is the outlier): M.A., B.A., M.F.A., MBA, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Films/movies are in quotes.
  • Articles are in quotes.
  • Titles of poems are in quotes.
  • Books and magazine titles are italicized.
  • Podcast titles are in quotes.
  • Programs listed with their full title are capitalized: Department of Earth System Science.
  • After first mention of a person’s full name, they are afterward referred to by their last name.
  • Single space between sentences.