Students in the School of Physical Sciences can be placed on Normal Progress Probation or Disqualification for lack of progress in Academic English and/or Writing courses according to the policy below, and in addition to the policy stated in the UCI Catalogue HERE.

Normal Progress Probation can include, but is not limited to: a hold pending writing enrollment or a passing grade in a writing course, an academic contract, or a warning.

Normal Progress Disqualification can include, but is not limited to: an academic contract, an academic hold, disqualification from the student's major, or disqualification from the University of California, Irvine.

The following students are in good academic standing for writing progress:

1. Any student who has a writing placement of Entry Level Writing or the 1st course of lower division writing, must complete Writing 39C or the equivalent course prior to the start of their 7th quarter (summer in NOT considered a quarter).

2. Any student who starts in Academic English is required, by the School of Physical Sciences, to take an Academic English or Writing course every quarter until they complete lower division writing (Writing 39C or a University approved alternate). IUPP students are excluded from this requirement IF AND ONLY IF they are placed into Writing 39A for the Fall quarter of their freshman year-this select group of IUPP students will follow #1.

A Physical Sciences student can be subject to Normal Progress Probation or Disqualification if he/she:

a. Is not in good standing as defined above

b. Earns a grade below 'C' (or NP) in any AE or Writing course

c. Has more than one repeat in AE and/or Writing courses, and has not taken Writing 39C (or an approved alternate), and is NOT enrolled in an appropriate AE or Writing course every quarter (excluding summer).