All new freshmen are required to attend summer orientation. Orientation includes academic advising, class registration, and much more! After activating your UCInetID in early May, you will be able to sign up for the Student Parent Orientation Program (or ISO if you are an international student who did not attend High School in the U.S.) and visit the Anteater Zot Start website. Be sure to check the orientation and testing dates before you plan your summer vacation dates!

If you need to take the Analytical Writing Placement Exam, sign up right away!
Click here to find out if you need to take this exam. (Students who attend ISO take the Academic English test instead, and take that during ISO.)

Get your other testing done early! Tests take place as early as June and special accommodations can be made to take them in a facility near you! ALL TESTING MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ATTENDING ORIENTATION. Go to for more information.

Students should check their "MyAdmissionsApplication@UCI" page prior to attending orientation and bring copies of ALL transcripts and/or AP exam results to their academic advising session.

There are a number of steps that you must follow this summer in order to ensure a smooth transition.

These steps are listed below and are outlined in more detail at the Welcome New Anteater website:

Step 1: Complete the Anteater Zot Start (click here)

Step 2: Register for a Student Parent Orientation Program (SPOP), or register for the ISO (International Student Orientation program)

Step 3: If you would like to bring a laptop/tablet/smart phone to UCI and use it to enroll in classes, you may need to first register your mobile device. Please go to for information on how to do this.

Step 4: Sign up for Placement Testing

Step 5: Relax and Have Fun!

We know this must seem a little overwhelming right now but, trust us; all of this information will gradually fall into place and start to make sense. If you have any questions, please contact us at or (949) 824-6507. Remember, only students who register for ISO  will be sent information about online summer advising in the middle of July.

We look forward to seeing you this summer! Please visit the above websites right away.


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