Responsibility of the Instructors/Proctors – Safety First, Academic Integrity Second

     Instructors should learn the location of the Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP) for their classroom at the beginning of the quarter. In the event that an examination or quiz is disrupted by a fire alarm, electrical outage, earthquake or another unpredictable incident, instructors must make whatever immediate decision seems appropriate to ensure the safety of the students. Instructors may take steps to maintain exam security only if the safety of students is being assured.


Responsibility of the Students – Safety and Academic Integrity

     The students must remain calm and fully cooperate with the instructions by the instructors aimed at protecting their safety and exam security.


Default Procedure for Exams Disrupted by Fire Alarms in Large Courses

     Unless otherwise stated by the instructors, fire alarms during exams in large classes will be handled in the following manner. Students who do not follow these instructions will receive a failing grade.


     1.     Immediately stop working on the exam when the fire-alarm sounds

     2.     Do not talk so that you can hear instructions from the instructor

     3.     Leave your exam (and/or Scantron form) face down on your desk

     4.     Collect your belongings at your seat and leave the room in orderly fashion as directed by the instructor. Depending on the circumstances, the instructor may ask you to leave behind your backpacks piled in front of the room as collecting them will produce a delay.

     5.     Go to the Evacuation Assembly Point (EAP) designated in the building's evacuation plan and on building emergency evacuation signs and wait there

     6.     Until the officially scheduled time for the examination ends, do not leave the EAP area without your instructor’s permission.

     7.     Do not discuss the exam nor communicate remotely with any devices while waiting in the EAP area

     8.     If the fire alarm stops before the officially scheduled time for the examination ends you may be able to return to the room but only after instructed to do so by the instructor

     9.     If no return to the exam is possible, the exams will be collected by the instructors

    10.  The instructor will determine whether to reschedule the exam or how to grade the partially-completed exam


DSC Procedure for Disrupted Exams

     Students taking the exam through DSC may receive amended instructions midway through the exam in order to insure that their accommodation is fair and consistent with the exam administered in the regular classroom.