Every student taking an assessment in any course within the School of Physical Sciences is:

  1. Expected to be present at the scheduled day and time. For in-person courses the student is responsible for knowing where the exam will take place. –and–
  2. Expected to follow appropriate Student Conduct and Academic Integrity guidelines as outlined by the university at –and–
  3. Responsible for communicating to their instructor of record PRIOR to any exam any reason that would prevent the student from physically attending the exam or otherwise taking the exam at the scheduled day, time, and room. –and–
  4. Required to comply with campus policy on face coverings (which as of Aug 2, 2021 requires all individuals to wear face coverings on UCI property while indoors). Memo

The course instructor makes all final decisions regarding any exam deferment, waiver, exception, or policy including test-taking policies, in accordance–and sometimes partnership–with various campus units if necessary (e.g. DSC, Athletics, Academic Testing Center). Students not in compliance with this policy may be subject to reduced course grades.