As a Physics transfer student, you have many class choices depending on how much math, physics and programming you have completed, and what your plans are post-graduation from UC Irvine.

* Students who have not completed all of the lower division math courses should enroll in the next math class for the fall.
Calculus is: Math 2A -> 2B -> 2D -> 2E
Linear Algebra is: Math 3A, and you must be done with Calc II to enroll.
Differential Equations is: Math 3D, and you must be done with Linear Algebra and Calc III to enroll.

Students who have not completed Physics thru waves and optics should take Physics in the fall.
Physics 7C/LC = force, energy, momentum
Physics 7D/LD = electricity and magnetism
Physics 7E/52A = waves and optics
Check to find out which Physics courses you have credit for.

If you haven't taken a thermodynamics related course that gives Physics 60 credit (see then you should take Physics 60 in the fall. Know that to get into Physics 60 you must have completed Physics 7E and Math 2D (Calc III).

* All Physics transfer students are required to complete Physics 50, which is Math Methods, a course that covers Mathematica and its application. Many important upper-div physics courses (numbered 100 and above) require completion of Physics 50, which makes this class very important for you to complete as soon as possible if you want to start the upper-div classes your first quarter.

Physics 50 is only offered in Fall quarter. It has a CO-REQUISITE of Math 2E (multivariable calc) and a PREREQUISITE of Math 3A (linear algebra). If you have not yet completed 3A (or an equivalent), then you are urged to complete Math 3A in Summer Session before your first quarter at UCI so that you can start Physics 50 in the Fall.

All Physics transfer students are required to complete Physics 111A which is only offered in the fall. It has a COREQUISITE of Physics 50 and a PREREQUISITE of Physics 7E. If you satisfy the prerequisite, we recommend you enroll into this course for fall.

All Physics transfer students are ready to take Physics 99 in their first year. Physics 99 is only offered in the fall. It's a fun 1-unit seminar class that addresses available tracks in the major, research opportunities in the physics department, careers in physics, and relevant programs and resources for students.

Most Physics majors choose a specialization/concentration to pursue (see degree checksheet). Choosing a specialization/concentration will likely affect the classes you need for graduation, but will not impact your enrollment in fall classes.