What is this?
ME 1st is a 100% free no-cost opportunity for incoming freshmen in Physical Sciences to better prepare for success in UCI mathematics courses, such as Calculus. "Mathematics Enrichment for 1st-Generation Students" participants will be given access to a special online pre-calculus course and will meet in-person on the UCI campus for 10-12 hours in August 2018 (six 2-hour classes). Students will attend an actual UCI math lecture, which can count as one of the 6 sessions. Active learning instruction is led by Dr. Rachel Lehman, UC Irvine Mathematics Dept. Topics include: study strategies, time management, a crash course in pre-calculus (including college algebra, exponentials, logarithms, and trigonometry).

Why should I do this?
This is a free program available to all Physical Sciences students who meet the requirements. Our hope is that students who complete this program will have a much better idea of what it's like to be a student at UCI, taking math courses. In addition, completing the online pre-calculus course will allow students to enroll in Math 2A in their first quarter, which is important for staying on track in the sciences.

What are the requirements?
Must be a major in the School of Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Mathematics, Earth System Science, Environmental Science, Physics, Applied Physics, or Physical Sciences Undeclared).
Must be able to attend 6 in-person class sessions from 11:30am-1:30pm on: August 7, 10, 14, 17, 21 and 28. Sessions are held in a computer lab at UCI. Must have internet access outside of class and be able to spend time working thru the online pre-calc course.
Must be a First-Generation student. (as indicated on your UC application)
Must not have a Math SAT score of 650 or above.
Must not have an AP (either AB or BC) Calculus score of 3 or above.
• Must not have an ACT Math score of 29 or above.
(not sure if you meet the requirements? email us at pssazot@uci.edu)

How much does this cost?
It is free. Though the experience itself is priceless. We recommend that you have someone drive you to campus, if possible, to avoid paying for parking.

Who is Dr. Rachel Lehman?
She is one of the amazing faculty members in the Department of Mathematics, and she teaches pre-calculus and calculus courses here at UCI.

I'm interested. How do I enroll?
Declare your Intent to Enroll BEFORE August 1. Space is limited to just 30 students, so don't delay. You can register your interest below. Details will be sent to students by email.

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