As a Math transfer student, you have many class choices depending on how much math, physics/chemistry and programming you have completed, and what your plans are post-graduation from UC Irvine.

* Students who have not completed all of the lower division math courses should enroll in the next math class for the fall.
Calculus is: Math 2A -> 2B -> 2D -> 2E
Linear Algebra is: Math 3A, and you must be done with Calc II to enroll.
Differential Equations is: Math 3D, and you must be done with Linear Algebra and Calc III to enroll.

Students who have not completed one year of Physics or Chemistry should take Physics/Chemistry in the fall.
Physics 7C/LC = force, energy, momentum
Physics 7D/LD = electricity and magnetism
Physics 7E = waves and optics
If you have taken some Physics, move onto the next class. If you haven't started Physics then you will either enroll into Physics 2 or Physics 7C/LC if you satisfy the prerequisites.
If you would rather take General Chemistry then that is okay too, you don't need Physics AND Chem, just one or the other. The required G-Chem sequence is Chem 1A-B-C. If you have completed one semester of G-Chem then you have credit for Chem 1A and are eligible to take Chem 1B in the winter when it's offered.

* All Math transfer students are ready to take Math 13, which is Intro to Abstract Math. In this class you will learn how to write proofs. Most upper-div math courses (numbered 100 and above) are proof-based and require completion of Math 13, which makes this class very important for you to complete in your first quarter. If you already have credit for Math 13 (check then you might be able to choose from several upper-div math courses in the fall. If you are taking (or plan to take) Math 13 at UCI this summer, let a Counselor know.
If you have not yet completed Calc III, Linear Algebra, or Differential Equations, then it might be best to wait and take Math 13 in the winter. Math 13 is offered every quarter. Ask a Counselor to help you decide if Math 13 in the Fall is the right choice for you.

* Most transfer students do not have Math 13 credit. If you do not have Math 13 credit (see above) then your upper-div math course choices are limited to Math 105A/LA, 112A, 113A and 130A, depending on other prerequisites. Remember, you only need 12 units. Math 130A is a great choice. They all are. Please read the course descriptions in the UCI Catalogue, to help you better find the best math classes for you.

We recommend Math majors enroll in no more than 12-14 units in their first quarter. Many previous transfer students attempt a higher number of units (in particular Math courses) in their first quarter and find the adjustment to the quarter system and UC-level Math difficult. We strongly recommend you start with a lower number of units as you acclimate to this new system.