If you experience problems while enrolling classes, do all of the following:

  1. Go to the SOC and read the comments for the class and the department. (Info about repeating classes can be found there.)
  2. Log into WebReg and try enrolling one more time.
  3. Note what error message you are getting, and know what it means.
  4. Read the SOC comments again, for the class and for the department.
  5. If you still cannot figure out why you are getting that message, contact the department offering that class:

          for Chemistry classes, go to https://www.chem.uci.edu/StudentAffairs
          for Math classes, go to http://www.math.uci.edu/undergrad-courses/course-registration-and-placement-information
          for Physics classes, go to http://www.physics.uci.edu/ugrad/affairs
          for ESS classes, go to https://www.ess.uci.edu/undergrad


Remember, if you trying to add or drop a class after the Week 2 deadline, you do not use WebReg to do so, you must instead submit an Enrollment Exception Request thru Student Access. Log in to your Student Access page to do this but know that there is no guarantee that an exception gets approved; each department on campus has its own policies for exception requests.