As a Chemistry transfer student, you have many class choices depending on how much math, physics and chemistry you have completed, and what your plans are post-graduation from UC Irvine.

* Students who have not completed Organic Chemistry should enroll in O-Chem if possible.
Chem majors must complete Chem 51A and Chem 51B and Chem 51C plus three O-Chem labs. Students who have not taken any O-Chem should enroll in Chem 51A in fall, along with Chem M52LA, which is the first O-Chem lab. 

If you have taken one semester/quarter of Organic Chemistry, then you have credit for Chem 51A and Chem 51LB. The next course to take will be Chem 51B offered in the winter, so you will need to wait to take this course. You will not take a lab with Chem 51B because you already have credit for this lab course. After completing Chem 51B you will then take Chem 51C and Chem 51LC in Spring quarter, followed by Chem 51LD the following fall. 

* Students who have not taken Calc III (multivariable calculus) should enroll in Math 2D in the fall.

All Chem transfer students are ready to take Chem 11 in their first year. Chem 11 is only offered in the fall. It's a fun 1-unit seminar class that addresses available tracks in the major, research opportunities in the chemistry department, careers in chemistry, and relevant programs and resources for students.

* All Chem transfer students are ready to take Analytical Chemistry, which is Chem M3LC. (If this class fits into your schedule for the fall, then you should take it in the fall) 

Students who have not completed Physics should take Physics in the fall.
Physics 7C/LC = force, energy, momentum
Physics 7D/LD = electricity and magnetism
Physics 7E = waves and optics
If you have taken Physics 7C/LC equivalent, move onto the next class. Physics 7E is available in the fall and can be taken after Physics 7C/LC. Physics 7D/LD is not offered in the fall, but will be offered in the winter.

If you haven't started Physics then enroll in Physics 7C and 7LC if you have Calc III (multivariable calc) done.
If you haven't taken Calc III yet, then you can either enroll into Physics 2 (Prep Physics course) OR take the Physics Self-Assessment Test to determine if you are ready to take Physics 7C/LC. Physics 7C/LC will also be offered in winter and spring.

*** If you have completed both Calc III and Electricity & Magnetism, then you are ready for Physical Chemistry, a.k.a. P-Chem or Chem 132A. You will be taking P-Chem all year, 132A-B-C. Chem 5 (or Linear Algebra plus Differential Equations plus Programming) is required for P-Chem, so be sure to enroll in Chem 5 first. Your schedule might be Chem 5, Chem 132A, Chem M3LC, and Chem 11. (Students who have completed Linear Algebra and Differential Equations have the option of Chem 5 or programming in the fall. Ask a Counselor.)

*** If you have completed Calc III and want to take an upper division Chem lecture, Chem 133: Nuclear and Radiochemistry is an option for fall.

*** If you have completed O-Chem, but not Physics, then you are ready for Inorganic Chemistry which is Chem 107. Your schedule might look like this: Chem 107, Physics, Chem M3LC, Chem 11.


If you are considering medical school, pharmacy school, etc., then you need to worry about Biology classes. Information for these professional programs can be found here: If you do not have credit for Genetics, then you should add Bio Sci 97 to your fall schedule. You should think about pursuing the concentration in Chemical Biology, which is optional for chem majors, seeing that you will be taking so many Bio Sci courses for professional school. The requirements for the Chemical Biology concentration can be found on your degree checksheet, or here: