PS Stores

Physical Sciences Store

The PS Store is a chemical and equipment stockroom operated by the School of Physical Sciences, which has been serving as a research support unit for labs within the UCI campus community for over 20 years. The PS Store has two stockrooms, a solvent room and an equipment room. In our solvent room you can find common chemicals, such as Acids, Anhydrides, Ethers, Glycols, Alcohol, etc. Our equipment room consists of office supplies, glassware, electronics, hardware, tubing, lab ware and cleaning supplies.

We accept business from anyone with a valid account-fund from any school within UCI.

Contact Information
B003 Reines Hall, Irvine CA 92697
(949) 824-5889,

Hours of Operation
Monday thru Friday 7AM-4PM
The PS Store is closed on all campus holidays.

Jay Aranton