Marshall Campbell receives UC-National Lab in-residence fellowship

The fellowship will fund Campbell’s quantum materials research at UCI and at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Thursday, February 15, 2024
Lucas Van Wyk Joel
UCI Physical Sciences Communications

Ph.D. student Marshall Campbell will be using instrumentation at LANL that will help him build devises that can control quantum material properties.

Picture Credit:
Mariam Issa

Marshall Campbell, a Ph.D. student in the lab of Professor Luis A. Jauregui in the UCI Department of Physics & Astronomy, recently received a UC-National Lab In-Residence fellowship. The fellowship will give Campbell $167,400 over the next two years to do research on quantum materials at both UCI and Los Alamos National Laboratory, with the specific aim of developing methods for controlling the electrical and optical properties of such materials. “My research work focuses on studying the strain effects on layered quantum materials with the goal of controllably tuning their electrical and optical properties,” said Campbell. The work involves crafting devices that can help him tune quantum materials, and Campbell is busy drafting a first-author paper with LANL collaborators describing one such tuning device. “The fellowship will cover my stipend, tuition, fees and fund research-related travel to LANL and conferences for two years,” Campbell said. “Since this work will entail work at both UCI and LANL, I will travel to LANL several times during my fellowship, especially to use their dedicated quantum material instrumentation.”