SciComm fellow spotlight: Bryant Pahl, UCI Department of Earth System Science

Pahl wants to not only tell the science stories coming out of his department, but to help others tell stories, too. 
Monday, November 21, 2022
Lucas Van Wyk Joel
UCI Physical Sciences Communications

Pahl recently participated in and helped cover a program in his department aimed at helping first generation students learn about how to become an Earth scientist.

Picture Credit:
Bryant Pahl

Last year, Bryant Pahl, who’s a Ph.D. candidate in the UCI Department of Earth System Science (ESS) where he researches ancient climate change with Professor Kathleen Johnson, completed his first stint as his department’s science communication fellow. As a fellow, Pahl worked to help spread the word about what was happening in his department – and now he's back. “I’m excited to be serving a second term as the science communication fellow this year for ESS,” Pahl said. “A major goal of mine last year was to develop my own skills in effectively communicating science through engaging graphics and content – but this year I’m hoping to help others do the same through helping others in my department discover and learn to use new science communication tools.” Along the way, Pahl will continue highlighting the work of ESS’ undergraduates, graduates, postdocs and faculty. “If anyone in ESS is interested in having their work highlighted or shared on social media, or have ideas for content, they can reach out to me,” he said.