UCI Physical Sciences partners with Los Alamos National Lab to form Graduate Fellowship Program

The program, which just accepted its first two students, provides research support for three academic quarters.
Monday, October 24, 2022
UCI Physical Sciences Communications

The two LANL fellows, Marshall Campbell of the UCI Department of Physics & Astronomy and Austin Green of the UCI Department of Chemistry. 

Picture Credit:
Hana Schiff / Soyeon Park

The UCI School of Physical Sciences, in partnership with Los Alamos National Lab, just created a new graduate fellowship program to fund students in the school for three quarters so they can engage in research activity between the school and LANL. The fellowship includes a stipend as well as tuition and other fees, and is intended for those performing research in the following three areas: climate change and environmental systems, renewable energy research, and materials and chemical research.  The first two UCI fellows are Marshall Campbell of the UCI Department of Physics & Astronomy, and Austin Green of the UCI Department of Chemistry. Campbell works with Professor Luis Jauregui and will work with Dr. Michael Pettes at LANL on quantum symmetries, while Green works with UCI’s Professors Craig Martens and Shaul Mukamel, and will work with LANL’s Dr. Sergei Tretiak on photochemical materials involved with solar technologies. Professor Reginald Penner, who’s helping coordinate efforts between UCI and LANL, said “we are excited about the opportunities the LANL Fellowship provides for advancing the education of our students, and for doing transformative science with colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory.”