Two from UCI named fellows of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

It’s been almost a decade since anyone from UCI won the distinction.
Monday, April 12, 2021
Lucas Joel
UCI Physical Sciences Communications

The SIAM fellows come from the broad community of math, science and engineering, with candidates nominated worldwide from universities, government labs and industries, Xin explained.

Picture Credit:
Tiffany Kuo

The other week, two professors from the UCI Department of Mathematics, Qing Nie and Jack Xin, became fellows of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SEIC). The fellowship, bestowed after SEIC receive a nomination from a third party, recognizes careers that have, in one way or the other, redefined the fields the society serves.

“The SIAM fellowship is a great honor because of its intense competitiveness and the small size of its program since its inception in 2009,” said Xin, who studies how waves travel through things like chaotic fluid flows. “It feels like scoring a goal in a world cup soccer final.” Nie, whose research straddles the boundary between computational math and cell biology, echoed that sentiment. “I'm honored and humbled to be selected as a SIAM fellow — to join a group of distinguished researchers who use mathematics to study real-world problems and scientific questions in other disciplines," he said. 

Xin explained that it can take decades of effort and persistence, with the help of all the colleagues that work around you, to making the kind of lasting impact in your field that can qualify you for a SIAM fellowship. “I’d like to thank my collaborators, postdocs and students — former and current — for their contributions to the success of so many exciting projects,” he said. “This one's for you all!”