Date: Wednesday, May 05, 2021
Time: 05:00 pm

Spreading the Math: Using YouTube to communicate with the rest of the world

Wednesday, May 05, 2021 | 05:00 pm
Peyam Tabrizian
Event Details

In this talk, I will describe my journey as a YouTuber, including the wonderful coincidence of how it all started back in 2017 at UCI. I currently have a channel called Dr Peyam which has over 80,000 subscribers and over 750 videos, on which I regularly post videos either related to my teaching, or others that are accessible to a wider audience, like The Half Derivative of x or The Integral of x^x from 0 to 1. Those videos are for students and people around the world who are interested in math, and the advantage is that anyone can watch them online or on their phones, and ask questions and comments. I will also provide some communication tips and some useful advice on how to start your own YouTube channel.

About the Speaker

Peyam Tabrizian received his PhD at UC Berkeley in 2016 and was a Visiting Assistant Professor at UCI from 2017 to 2020. He is currently a Lecturer in Mathematics at Arizona State University. He has a YouTube channel Dr Peyam, which has over 80,000 subscribers. In his spare time, he likes cooking and petting his bunny Oreo.