9/9/21 Associate Dean Penner Message on Masks and Cleaning Kits

Dear Colleagues,

We're just two weeks away from the beginning of classes for Fall Quarter.  Many more of us are coming onto campus to work and planning for in-class instruction is underway.  In support of this, N95 respirators, regular masks, and cleaning kits (hand sanitizer, disinfectant, paper towels) - all for free - have been made available in PS Stores, located in the basement of Reines Hall.  PS Stores will make these items available between the hours of 10am and 11am each day.

In order to receive N95 masks from PS Stores, training on the proper use of these masks is required.  This training is available from a 5 min video at the UCLC websiteand is titled, "FILTERING FACEPIECE (N95) VOLUNTARY USE".  To find this video, simply search "N95" in the window at the top of the UCLC splash page.  You will be required to "register" for this course, which involves a few clicks.  At the conclusion of the course, you will be emailed a certificate that you must bring to PS Stores in order to receive N95 masks (not required for normal masks, or cleaning kits).  Mine is attached, just FYI.

At least initially, the number of masks provided will be five per person.  Techniques for cleaning and reusing N95 masks are available hereWe hope and expect that it will be possible to provide more masks, moving forward, but no promises at this time.

The use of N95 masks is strongly encouraged, but not required.  We are fortunate to have this resource available for free within our School, and thanks to Angela Geissbuhler, EH&S Coordinator for SoPS, and Crystal Shaw, Facilities Coordinator for SoPS, for supporting this initiative!!