ChemDraw Windows Instructions

  1. Using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to
  2. Register
    • Please complete the registration
    • Click "Sign Up" and enter your UCI email address and your desired password
  3. Click "Download Now" on the product who's activation key starts with "A"
  4. Download the software
    ChemDraw Professional
  5. On the left tab, click on Order History to obtain the ACTIVATION CODE
  6. Download will start. Once finished single click on the file start the install
  7. Click on "Install Software"
  8. Enter your Activation Code
  9. Click "Next >"
  10. Select the “I accept the terms in this license agreement” radiobutton, and then click “Next >”
  11. Select the “Default” radiobutton, and then click “Next >”
  12. Make sure both checkboxes are checked, and then click “Next >”
  13. Check only the “Python 3.2” checkbox, and then click “Next >”
  14. Click “Install”
  15. Once the boxes have red check-marks on them and the top reads “Installation Complete,” click “Finish”
  16. Finishing the installation should take you back to this main screen. Press “EXIT” at the bottom right to close the installer.
  17. To find the ChemOffice program, click the Windows Button at the bottom left of the screen.
  18. Begin typing “ChemDraw,” and you should find “ChemDraw Professional 18.0” come up. Click “ChemDraw Professional 18.0,” and the program should launch.