ChemOffice Installation Guide

New ChemDraw/Notebook License Request

To request a license for the current ChemDraw or Signals Notebook:

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in with UCI login
  3. Click "Individual Request"
  4. Choose ChemDraw, Notebook, or both and submit the form.


Legacy ChemDraw/Notebook

Mac ChemDraw individual installation

How to Install


Windows ChemOffice individual installation

How to Install


Signals Notebook Individual Edition

After you have installed ChemOffice, you may install Signals Notebook


1.  Using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, go to

2. Search for the University of California - Irvine.

3. You will find the option to register our Cloud Applications - 

  • Signals Notebook Individual Edition (available with ChemOffice+ Cloud)

4. Sign in at the following page:

Physical Sciences Computing Support Group
Phone: (949) 824-6377
Office: 152 Rowland Hall