Academic Counseling

*** Many questions/issues can be addressed by contacting us on ZotChat and we do strongly encourage students to try ZotChat first, especially for quick questions (prereqs, excess units, course offerings, etc.). More complex issues may be better handled thru an advising appointment (in-person or Zoom). ***


Physical Sciences ZotChat

ZotChat is an online live chat service available for students to ask general counseling or advising related questions. Counselors/Peer Academic Advisors in the School of Physical Sciences are available to answer general questions related to the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Degree Requirements for Physical Sciences Majors
  • Change of Major Requirements for Physical Sciences Majors
  • Prerequisite Information/Prerequisite Clearance
  • Enrollment Issues
  • Excess Unit Request
  • Course Offering Information

ZotChat is intended for questions that can be answered quickly. Questions/advisement requiring more time should be asked on a walk-in basis by visiting our office in 134 Rowland Hall during business hours. School of Physical Sciences ZotChat is NOT intended to answer questions related to:

  • Career Counseling
  • Admissions Counseling
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Graduation Checks
  • Creating a Study Plan
  • Academic Probation or Disqualification
  • Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling

ZotChat is not available for Personal/Crisis/Mental Health Counseling. UC Irvine students in need of these services should contact the UCI Counseling Center directly:

ZotChat will have limited availability for the 2023 Winter Quarter.

How to schedule an appointment with an Advisor....

You can now use UCI Appointments to schedule a Course-Planning Appointment or a General Advising Appointment. Both appointment types offer in-person and remote (Zoom) appointment options. Appointments cannot be scheduled within the next 24 hours. At least 24 hours notice is required.

Course Planning Appointments are only available Week 2 - Week 7 of each quarter. When booking a Course-Planning Appointment, you may select "any available" advisor or choose a preferred advisor.*

When booking a General Advising Appointment, the only choice will be "any available" advisor.*

For all in-person appointments, please arrive at RH 134 (Rowland Hall, room 134, First-floor) approx 3-5 minutes before your appointment. You may ring our Doorbell to let us know you are here and wait for assistance. Please be patient.

For all remote (Zoom) appointments, the meeting URL will be e-mailed to your UCI email, so be sure to check that before your appointment and please do not be late. We ask that you log in approx 3-5 minutes before your appointment time and be prepared to wait in a Waiting Room until your advisor is available. 

Students who fail to appear for an appointment, or are late, may have their appointment canceled--at the discretion of the advisor, and/or may be prevented from booking future appointments for some time. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform us if you cannot attend your appointment for any reason and to Cancel your appointment using UCI Appointments.

UCI APPOINTMENTS:  (click "Schedule Appointments")
If no appointments are available, check back later. Appointment slots will be added/updated weekly.

To contact us by email, send to

* Physical Sciences Student Affairs reserves the right to cancel your appointment (if this happens we will email you), transfer your appointment to another advisor, or reschedule (should the need arise)