Status of Greenplanet: Up, with problems.

To see the detailed metrics of the cluster, take a look at this Grafana dashboard (Accessible from UCI campus/VPN, simple registration may be required).

Current Message of the Day:

25 October 2022
  The /DFS-L/SCRATCH area was also significantly affected by the bad striping bug. We do have a mitigation
  and work-around now, but it may take some time to clean. The metadata server will need to go down at least
  one more time, but I hope to have the cluster up again tonight. For now, /DFS-L is mounted on all login
  nodes, but only a few compute nodes.

30 October
  The patch applied to the /DFS-L filesystem did not prevent kernel panics and has been reverted. To get
  the cluster mostly working again, /DFS-L will be remounted everywhere, but the /DFS-L/SCRATCH subdirectory
  will be set unreadable to prevent triggering the bug. Getting this data clean is now the top priority.