User Home directories are being moved!

Since the beginning of time (2008), user home direcotries have physically lived
on node nas-50-1 in directory /data11/home, which was network mounted on all
nodes. The symbolic links /home and /export/home both pointed to /data11/home,
and users' $HOME evironment variables were one of these links.

We have now installed a much newer file server (nfs-0) that can handle much
higher IO load without collapsing. All users with active accounts have their
home directory data already copied over to nfs-0:/nfspool-0/home, and most 
users already have their account set to use this new location. If this is the
first time you have logged into the cluster for a few days, your $HOME should be:

Recent users, or those who have pending or running jobs, will probably still be
on the old server. I will send e-mails to those users to coordinate their moves. 

Note: If users are totally off the cluster for more than a day (& no jobs), 
their home directory may get synced up and moved without additional notice.

Links at the old home location point to the new one, which should help cases
where explicit full paths were used in scripts or binaries.