In the before times, the large distributed file systems were mounted at /lustre
and /beegfs. A couple years ago, data on those disks were physically moved to
directories on /DFS-L, with symbolic links created on the nodes pointing to the
right places to ease the transition to the new system. These links WERE:

/lustre/DATA --> /DFS-L/old_lustre_data 
/lustre/SCRATCH --> /DFS-L/old_lustre_scratch
/beegfs/DATA --> /DFS-L/old_beegfs_data 
/beegfs/SCRATCH --> /DFS-L/old_beegfs_scratch

A couple months ago, as the /lustre and /beegfs locations were effectively no
longer in active use for calculations, the symbolic links on the nodes were
removed. This did hit a couple users, so some specific temporary links on some
nodes were re-created, but these should be ignored.

Since /lustre and /beegfs had been deprecated (converted to /DFS-L and /DFS-B).
the data they contained may have been forgotten about. There was a LOT of stuff
from several years ago, gathering virtual dust. We are now getting tight on
space, and it is time to clean out unneeded junk.

To help users and groups get a handle on the old data, the /DFS-L/old_*_* dirs
have been folded into the /DFS-L/DATA/group/user and /DFS-L/SCRATCH/group/user
locations. For current users, you likely now have directories on /DFS-L like:


which contain the contents of the original /lustre/DATA/group/user [etc.]
locations. For old accounts, which may predate the /DFS-* systems, their old
directories may have been directly moved to become /DFS-L/DATA/group/user.

[Too long; didn't read:] If you had data in /lustre or /beegfs, it is likely
in /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/old_lustre_data or old_beegfs_data

Also, please clean up your old data. The $2/TB/month recharge is coming.