Modeling Facility

Chemistry Modeling Facility Specific Info

Usage Rates:

Usage on Greenplanet is mostly free. The only usage-based charge is $2/TB/month (1st TB per group is free) for data stored on the large DFS systems: /DFS-L and /DFS-B. The large scratch data file system, /XXX-L, is totally free.


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Chemistry Modeling Facility Message of the Day:

  It is important to prepare each job in its own directory. By default, the 
job's directory is copied to a working area on the cluster, where it is then 
run. After completion, the ENTIRE CONTENTS of the working directory are 
moved back to where the job was submitted. If multiple jobs are submitted 
from the same directory, later results may overwrite earlier results.


  If you are going to publish results from calculations done on 
Greenplanet, please acknowledge NSF Grant CHE-0840513. This CRIF:MU
grant funded 44 nodes and allowed us to purchase the QDR InfiniBand Core
Switch, which allows this cluster to have supercomputer-like capabilities.

  Acknowledging this support is crucial for future funding of the Facility.



Possibly useful commands:

To start a 20-hour interactive shell on a node in the mf_nes2.8 partition, do:
srun --x11 --pty -t 20:00:00 -p nes2.8 bash -i

To see the processor efficiency of your running jobs, type: "sueff $USER"
[note that hardware threads are counted as CPUs, so 50% may be OK on some nodes]

To see an alternate listing of the job queue, enter: "sqstat"