Software Environment

Environment Modules (Lmodare used to configure your environment for many pieces of installed software on greenplanet, including compilers and MPI environments.

To see a list of available packages, type:

ml spider

To load a specific package/version, type: "ml modulename/versionnumber". The 2020.1 release of the Intel Compilers is:

ml intel/2020.1

To see which modules are currently loaded:



If you wish to make your settings default for all login sessions and jobs, place your ml commands in ~/.bashrc.  If you want to use them just in a specific job, add them to the job script.

Some pieces of software may be installed to /sopt on the cluster (shared opt) and not be configured in modules. Other packages that were modules previously may now be provided by the OS.

Note: it is highly recommended to a have "ml purge" at the beginning of the job execution portion of your slurm submission script. This clears out any accidantal environments picked up from your login shell.