Queueing System
Greenplanet uses the Slurm queue and job scheduler. We are currently running version 20.02.5, which has reasonably easy-to-follow documentation. There is also a Cheat Sheet of command options. A nice introduction is available from the Slurm User Group 2017 conference.

If you are used to different system (PBS, LoadLeveler, SGE, etc.), see this PDF that shows corresponding command line tools and job script options. Wrapper scripts for PBS commands (qstat, qsub, etc.) are also installed, which will let you use job submission scripts from an ancient time when we ran Torque/Maui.

You can use the sview command to open the Slurm GUIFor a list of partitions, look at this page.

If you need to run an interactive shell as a job, for instance to run matlab or test other code interactively, you should use this command (leave off --x11 if X11 graphics are not required):

srun --pty --x11 -t 300 -n 1 -p ilg2.3 bash -i
(-t is walltime, adjust as required.  -p is partition which is the queue name or a comma seperated list of partitions. If you need to run something on a different partition you can replace ilg2.3 with the desired partition.
For non-interactive jobs the normal way to run a job is with the sbatch command supplied by the path to a slurm job script.