how to run interactive Matlab

Remember gplogin* (login node) is a shared resource, so one shouldn't be running matlab directly on a login node. It's not a problem until someone points it out as a problem, so we need everyone to get in the habit of requesting an interactive session for Matlab when not using the Slurm scheduler. 

for interactive sessions on Intel
srun --pty --x11 -t 24:00:00 -n 1 --mem=8192 -p brd2.4,has2.5,nes2.8,sib2.9,sky2.4 bash -i

 for interactive sessions on AMD

srun --pty --x11 -t 24:00:00 -n 1 --mem=8192 -p ilg2.3,m-c1.9,mc2.2 bash -i
after you get a shell
ml purge
ml matlab
matlab &