CMAQ Build/Run

Local UCI instructions on how to run CMAQ (

See online docs at

1) Use git to download source to your /DFS-L/DATA/group/user directory (or elsewhere, it takes about 100 MB of space)

mkdir /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/CMAQ
cd /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/CMAQ
git clone -b 5.2.1 CMAQ_REPO

2) Overwrite two files in CMAQ_REPO with customized versions for Greenplanet

cp /sopt/CMAQ/config_cmaq.csh CMAQ_REPO/
cp /sopt/CMAQ/run_cctm.csh CMAQ_REPO/CCTM/scripts/

3) Edit CMAQ_REPO/bldit_project.csh to change this line:

 set CMAQ_HOME = /home/username/CMAQ_Project

to where you want to actually run:

 set CMAQ_HOME = /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/cmaq_run_1

4) Build run dir


5) Copy input dataset to data subdirectory

cp xxx /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/cmaq_run_1/data

6) Start building executables in run dir

cd /DFS-L/DATA/group/user/cmaq_run_1
ml purge
ml intel/2018.3 openmpi/4.0.1 netcdf/4.7.0 ioapi/3.2

cd PREP/icon/scripts/
./bldit_icon.csh intel |& tee bldit.icon.log

cd ../../bcon/scripts/
./bldit_bcon.csh intel |& tee bldit.bcon.log

cd ../../../CCTM/scripts/
cp /sopt/CMAQ/run_slurm.cmaq .
./bldit_cctm.csh intel |& tee bldit.cctm.log

7) Edit run_cctm.csh and run_slurm.cmaq files for the number of processors to use

total procs (NPCOL*NPROW) in run_cctm.csh line 70: 

   @ NPCOL  =  8; @ NPROW =  8

must correspond to ntasks in run_slurm.cmaq:

#SBATCH --ntasks=64

8) Submit calculation

sbatch run_slurm.cmaq