Global Trace Gas Monitoring: More than 5800 individual air samples in 30 years.

Areas of Research:

Current research efforts of our group fall in two primary areas of atmospheric chemistry and analysis of traces gases in exhaled breath:

[Atmospheric Research]  

[Trace Gases in Exhaled Breath] 

Our laboratory routinely performs quantification of more than 100 trace gases including C2-C10 NMHCs, C1-C2 halocarbons, C1-C5 alkyl nitrates, and selected sulfur compounds. Read more about the laboratory techniques and methods employed in our investigations:

[Laboratory Analytical Capabilities] 

Professor Rowland and Professor Blake are co-directors of the Rowland-Blake research group which has traces back to the founding of UCI in 1965. A short history of the Rowland-Blake Group:

[Group History]