13graduate Bermuda 12reception
Professor Yoshi Makide, Univ. Tokyo,
with then UCI Graduate Students,
Donald Blake and Stan Tyler, 1980
Professor Donald R. Blake in Bermuda for Stratoz II, May, 1980 Reception for FSR at Chancellor's House, 1983
11lunch dblak4  
Rowland Group lunch 1984 Professor Donald Blake talking to Colonel Edward Mayer, 1981 UCI Ph.D. in Atmospheric Chemistry, 1989  



Bermuda 8pema rowlandblake
Professor Donald R. Blake Sampling at Masada Israel, 1994 NASA's PEM Tropics-A Mission, 1996 Professors Rrowland and Blake
discussing data
9dblake2 2airplane Rowland,Gore&Clinton
UCI Professors F. Sherwood Rowland, Donald R. Blake and Ralph J. Cicerone in white tie and tails, ready for the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Stockholm , December 10, 1995 NASA DC 8 Research Aircraft, 1990s Vice President Gore, President Clinton
and Professor F.S. Rowland
in the White House, July 24 1997
7sherryanddon don2 1people
Professors Sherwood F. Rowland and Donald R. Blake, discussion results 1998 Professor F. Sherwood Rowland, Donald R. Blake and New PhD Barkley Sive, 1998 Group Members at the Basement Analysis Room (1999)
The Canadore Participants in
NASA's PEM Tropics-B Mission, Feb - Apr 1999


Japanese colleagues Don in Front of C17 IMG_0492
Professor Donald R. Blake and Mr. McEachern, Murray in Darwin, Australia with Japanese colleagues, 2000 Professor Blake at South Pole, 2005 Andreas Beyersdorf at South Pole, 2005
Team Chemistry - Spring 2005 Simone in Park Katrine & Matts
Team Chemistry (Soft Ball) - Spring 2005 Simone Meinardi in park
during City study, 2005
Grad Students Katrine & Matts at
White Mountain, 2006
5 Grads at Hitching Post #3 White_Mt_Group New_Zealand
Five Grads at Hitching Post,
White Mountain, August 2006
White_Mountain Group, August 2006 Katrine Gorham with sampling can, New_Zealand 2006
Greenland_Katrine1 Greenland_Katrine2 DSC01743
Katrine Gorham at Summit,
Greenland, 2007
At Summit, Greenland,
K. Gorham, 2007
Professor Blake and graduates, 2007
Costa_Rica_DC8 Costa_Rica_Group  
Costa Rica DC8, TC4 mission, 2007 Costa_Rica Group,
TC4 mission, 2007





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