Kevin Lin

Business Development Manager
Everlink Technologies LLC

BS, Biological Sciences

BS, Chemistry

Career Path: 

At UCI, I was involved in immunology research and upon graduation, my interests in molecular biology led me to Zymo Research, a small biotech. I began work as a Research Associate and did extensive R&D and brought to market 10 different nucleic acid extraction kits. Following that, I was promoted to Automation Product Manager and lead an R&D team as the primary expert on lab robotics and liquid handlers. This position mainly involved developing new product strategy and roadmap, ongoing care of current product lines, and serving as the bridge between R&D and marketing. Now I started my own business, Everlink Technologies, dealing in pressure switches and other electromechanical components for HVAC and industrial applications.

Career Experience: 
Molecular Biology, R&D, Technical Support, Product Development & Strategy, Product Management, Marketing
UCI Phi Beta Kappa
Personal Interests: 
I enjoy trying out new exotic foods and learning about the different cultures behind those flavors. I love traveling and recently started hiking.
Type of Students: 
Chemistry students who may be unsure of what sort of career path they want to take. I was a PSUM mentee in my senior year and the program really helped identify my priorities and shortcomings so I hope to share my advice.
Number of Students I can Mentor: 
Joined Date: 
8 years 1 month ago
Ideal Mentoring Relationship: 
In-person meetings are ideal about once every month or two months. Remote correspondence like email and phone when in-person meetings are unavailable.