Introductory Email Template

Dear _____________,


My name is _________________, and I received your name from the Physical Sciences Undergraduate Mentoring program coordinator.


Thank your mentor for volunteering to coach and guide students: (Thank you for participating as a mentor of the PSUM program, I am very fortunate to have you as a mentor match! ) Tell your mentor how you heard about the program: (A roommate of mine participated in the program, and she recommended that I apply because her mentor helped her explore career goals. Or: I heard about the program through the office of Student Affairs and it seems like a great program that will help me explore my career goals. )


Tell your mentor about yourself: (I am a junior majoring in chemistry. Outside of classes I volunteer with the Chemistry club/ church/ etc. I am also involved in church/ UCI dance club/ student association/etc. I enjoy spending my free time at the beach or with friends.)


Tell your mentor what do you want to get out of the program and mention something that interested you from their profile. (I look forward to participating in the program and learning about different career paths available in the field of chemistry/or hear your suggestions of how I can best prepare for the professional world while at UC Irvine. I am interested in hearing more about what you do at Allergan as a R&D chemist.)


I look forward to meeting you at the PSUM Meet and Greet. The PSUM coordinator suggested that together we fill out the Mentoring Agreement Form – which we can do at the Meet and Greet. (If you have a remote mentor – a mentor who lives far and won’t attend the Meet and Greet, use the following instead: The PSUM coordinator suggested that the first step is for us to talk over the phone or via Skype and go over the questions on the Mentoring Agreement form. I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a time to talk.)


My contact information is (###) ###-#### and


Thank you again being my mentor!




First and Last Name

Major, Graduation Year