Suggested Mentoring Activities

Career Conversations

  • Discuss the mentor’s educational background and the role of educational preparation in his/her field
  • Talk about current event or issue in the mentor’s field
  • Schedule a shadow visit or a company tour - if appropriate


Job Search Process

  • Review the mentee’s resume and/or cover letter
  • Lead the mentee through a mock interview
  • Discuss how to best look for jobs/internships in the mentor’s field


Graduate School Consultations

  • Share what the mentor learned about navigating graduate school
  • Discuss how the mentor worked with advisors
  • Talk about how the mentor prepared for the transition from school to the professional world


Mentor’s Story

  • Talk about how the mentor has balanced personal life and career and what to expect
  • Discuss what the mentor would have done differently at UC Irvine if he/she could do it over
  • Talk about how the mentor has dealt with personal or professional challenges